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The ability to adapt to new challenges is a priceless skill. Whether it be teaching your horse a new trick or unlearning a newfound bad habit (you or your horse ), learning the building blocks of training will make every task easier.

There are steps to teaching a horse to do anything. For example, you're not going to teach your horse to calmly and confidently load in a trailer if you skip the basic step of teaching them to be led. Yes, you can force the horse to load, but you'll need to force them every time after that. It's a waste of valuable time and a good way of adding trauma to a loading experience - for both human and horse. When you skip steps to overcome a challenge, you can make your life and your horse's life much harder.

The basic steps a horse learns for one task can be applied to many others. We love to teach our clients the steps that lead up to their horse putting those steps together and successfully reaching their goal. It's even more exciting to see a client use the steps their horses have learned in different ways. The more creative the better!

We at Silverhand Ranch believe that building trust between you and your horse puts you ahead of the game when you need to adapt to any new challenge. Come learn with us!

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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

One of the most beautiful things in the world to any horse lover is having a deep, trusting relationship with such a big, beautiful animal.

Many times when you buy a horse, you know very little of their past experiences and traumas. Despite being so large a mammal, they're also one of the most sensitive. Through no fault of your own, the issues a horse has developed in its past can really get in the way of building that trust that makes having a horse so rewarding. The horse may become dangerous to handle and become intimidating.

At Silverhand Ranch, we know it's as much about you as it is the horse. Things can happen over time to make you less sure of yourself, losing your confidence. You may start to ask yourself, "What if I make it worse?"

That's where we come in. Restoring that confidence is key to helping your horse to trust you. We work with you and your horse to get over those obstacles and get you to the place where you KNOW you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

That's why, for us, the "R" in R.A.N.C.H. is for "Restore confidence."

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